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“Effective teachers don't cover the curriculum - they uncover it.”- Sekhar Srinivasan“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires”- Sekhar Srinivasan

It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows


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Sekhar Srinivasan I

Sekhar Srinivas Well known for his good track record as one of the best I.T faculty in imparting his unique techniques in training from past 17 years in various Microsoft Technologi Platforms incl. VB6.0, ASP, VB.NET, CS ASP.NET , Silverlight , ASP.NET MVC.Sekhar has a rich experience in technology consulting, providing solutions for complex and diverse problems to corporate, he is a person,who always believe in updating himself with the upcoming technologies to deliver the best to the trainees.

He is involved in managing and architecling projects. He will be your liaison to LSS Pvt. Ltd., for any kind of communication and project updates. He knows what works and what doesn't, and what practices are most suitable for design and programming with the ultimate goal of producing a quality system. Sekhar provides training in systems design and programming languages and technologies the .NET-environment in particular. He also provides mentoring on the design process.

Sekhar has extensive experience designing and implementing systems in the Insurance, e-Commerse, and finance industries. These systems have included internet cafe security, financial reporting, inventory and manufacturing planning, and building design programs. In addition to his analytical skills, Sekhar is valued for his mentoring ability as well as his skill for managing communications and interactions between the business management and the technical implementation groups.

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